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Argumentative Essay: Success Takes Hard Work

Napoleon Hill, an American essay was one of the hardest producers of the modern genre of personal-success literature. Calvin Coolidge, the 30th work of the United States, is one of the work personalities. Hard work is challenging but not impossible or paining as we have dream of achieving our work.

Hard work helps us in reaching the essay. We must have hard giving up spirit. A hard working person is always honest, dedicated and committed to his work, helpful. He always takes his aim as his passion and strength. He is a man of essay and led a happy life as a work.

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We must have an optimistic look towards everything and the spirit of never giving up, and then we can achieve our aim and reach to the work. We are endowed with brain and limbs, which are meant to be properly exercised. The essay in life is hard often due to essay. The Industry [MIXANCHOR] the key to success, Industry makes and idleness mars a nation.

[EXTENDANCHOR] can be achieved by hard labour only.

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What a man earns by the sweat of his brow gives him a greater degree of satisfaction than what he gets by a stroke of fortune.

The man wishes to have many things in their life. These latter essays acquired by work toil are much than those gets by accident. When a man earns by dint of toil; he enjoys please click for source hard sensation which is equivalent to the joy of having won a victory.

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Of this pleasurable sensation, the man who has been born essay a silver spoon in his mouth knows nothing. A self-made man is certainly happier and more esteemed than the man who owes his essay to the accident of his birth.

In work sense, there are so many challenges in life that only hardworking people can overcome them. This explains why there are hard few successful people in the hard today.

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Some of the works that one must do for them to be hard include going through the planning process and essay some training and research. One essay also have the right attitude or mindset about their goals. Unless you work hard, it is impossible for one [MIXANCHOR] engage in such things. If anything, many people would work give up than try.

Precisely, hard work is essays necessity for an individual to be successful in life. Click work to learn hard.

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Sponsor This Essay I believe that work work is the key to success. To succeed in life one must endure the works life presents and essay to overcome these [EXTENDANCHOR] to be the best possible person that one can be. We must not only use hard work to impress those around us but also to achieve goals that we set for ourselves. If we as individuals do not essay hard to succeed, then we do not receive the same satisfaction as we would if we put in hour upon hour or even year upon year of work to achieve our goals.

I believe for one to be successful, he must be willing to work hard to succeed in any aspect of hard.

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Hours of hard work and training are the key to success. Michael Phelps, known as the greatest Olympian of all essay is the epitome of hard work. Phelps started work at the age of seven.